Small Package

The US Mail Box Service is provided to allow you the customer to have a physical presence in the United States where you can place online orders.

South Florida Pickup Service

Need something picked up and shipped to you? Contact our office for dates and time and a quote.

US Shipping Address

Add your US address to your credit card and order from any US vendor and save. Get a free US address today and begin ordering online.

Ocean Shipments

We do more than small packages, you can have your barrel shipped or anything you need via Ocean service. Contact us today for more details.

Ship to the Caribbean via your “FREE” US shipping address. 

Reasons For
Choosing Us
Right Now!

Online Access to your US Mailbox 24/7. No Annual Subscription to pay.

We do not charge an annual subscription like some of our competitors. We are receptive to our customer’s needs. We do pickups and deliveries at your request. We have the most economical pricing structure in the business. You will not be forced to pay insurance for your package as our competitors do. We ship daily into St. Kitts via Air and once per week via Ocean.


Save on Shipping Cost

We will reduce your package size automatically.

24/7 Support

Contact us via email or website chat

Online Shopping

Use your local credit card to buy online with US vendors.

Online Store Savings

Save when you purchase at our online store.

US Pickup Services

We can pickup your packages from merchants in Dade & Broward Counties

Supply Chain Management

Ask us about our US Warehousing Services for your small business, with 24/7 online access to your inventory. Contact 954-644-9417 or email:

Fast, secure shipping with package tracking to Antigua, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Dominica and St. Kitts-Nevis. By trained professionals.


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