We know that you may have questions that you need answers to. So we have compiled a list of generally asked questions and we have also provided the answers from our best practices over the years below. We hope that you would find this FAQ useful.

What is the us mailbox about?

The US Mailbox Service is a membership program first and foremost. It allows members the opportunity to get access to a physical address in the United States where you can use that address as a ship to address. With that ship to address, you can place online orders from your home Country to just about any online merchant and have them ship your merchandise to your ship to address in the United States.

What happens to my package after it arrives to my ship to address?

Your packages will be processed at your ship to address and you should receive an electronic invoice shortly after. If you have not gotten an electronic invoice in your email, you can do one of two things: 1. You can call the company in Country at 869-466-2721 and let the clerk know that you have not received your invoice or 2. You can go online to nrsasi.net then click on Pay Your Bill and log into your account to view all paid and unpaid invoices. You have the option to select any unpaid invoice to pay.

Once payment is made what is next?

On a daily basis, our employees check our Payment System for authorized payments. All warehouse receipts in our Cargo System that are associated with the payments are flagged as paid and the packages are picked from their storage locations and moved to a staging area in preparation for shipment. Shipping labels are printed for each package and the cargo is put into courier bags to await shipping.

How long does it take for my package to arrive after I make payment?

NR Sales ships cargo on a daily basis to St. Kitts and Nevis. If your payment is made on a Monday, your package should arrive the next day which is Tuesday. Your package will then be processed by Customs by the following morning so that you can have your package by that afternoon.

if I signup for an account and never used it will it expire?

Once you sign up for your Free NR Sales US Mailbox Account, the account remains active unless you’ve made a request in writing to cancel your account.

If I signup for an account but never use will I have to pay money?

With NR Sale US Mailbox Service, if you never use it you never loose it and its a pay per use service only. What does that me, you only pay when you use the account. It’s not like the competition that charges you EC $156 per year whether you use the service or not.

If I get an invoice but did not pay it what happens?

As a member, you need to get familiar with our membership Terms and Conditions. Each member is responsible for paying all outstanding invoices send for shipping packages. Failure to pay for shipping may result in your package not getting to its destination. The Company only store packages for 30 days, if payment is not made within the 30 days your package may be confiscated.