NR Sales is different from the competition. In what way you ask? Well to begin with, NR Sales charges you for freight that is based solely on the greater of the actual weight or volume weight (Height x Length x Width) of your package that we are shipping to your destination. When calculating chargeable rate that is used to bill the customer for freight charges most carriers for air freight use the greater of the actual weight or the volume weight. You can check with all of the established carriers around the world including FedEx, UPS and DHL.

No Insurance Requirements
Insurance on the other hand is a separate transaction altogether and is only charged at the request of the customer who wishes to protect the value of their investment / purchase from damage during shipping. Don’t let anyone fool you. We do not charge you for insurance unless you specifically make that request and we issue a separate charge for the cost of insuring your merchandise from damage due to shipping. Remember that you will still have to pay a 2% insurance on the value of your goods at Customs when clearing your package(s) if you have not purchased insurance at a higher rate from your shipper. Do you know what your shipper is charging you for insurance? I am absolutely sure that it is not 2%.

Know What You’re Paying For.
One advantage you have by using our service is that we publish our rates because we have nothing to hide. Don’t get caught with your pants down when you get your bill from the competition for hidden charges that you know nothing about. Read our terms and conditions and keep abreast of the guidelines outlined in your membership agreement. We charge EC$22.75 for the first 3 pounds and EC$6.50 for each additional after the first 3 pounds. So the choice is yours, go with the competition who is going to force you to pay for insurance at their high rate what ever that is or go with the one who will not force anyone to pay for insurance if they don’t want to. You decide.

Avoid Volume Weight Charges
Another advantage you have by using our service is that we will downsize your package if there is enough space to do so automatically. In other words some merchants ship packages with high density or the package weight compared to its exterior dimensions. If we can save our members money by reducing the size of their packages we will do so without hesitation because that is what we do. Does the competition do that? We have added a calculator to verify your price with us and to compare it to the competition. Yes go ahead and use our freight calculator even if you do business with the competition ad compare our prices with them for the same package find out who is cheaper.

How To Tell The Difference?
Get the weight of the package you’ve got from the competition and measure the height, width and length in inches and put that information in our freight calculator. The calculator will calculate the price that we will charge you for the same package then compare that to what you paid for your package from the competition and see what happen. For customers in St. Kitts and Nevis, we also provide you the cost to ship the same package via sea.

Save On  Annual Subscription Charges
The competition charges you a Subscription/Renewal Fee: US $57.50 or EC $156.00 what does NR Sales charge? zero.

Go to our pricing page to compare our price with the competition.